“Cross-Country: The thirst you feel in your throat and lungs will be gone minutes after the race is over. The pain in your legs, within days. But the glory of your finish will last forever.


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Boys 2nd. Girls 4th at HWS XC Championships

Boys Score 46 Points to Place 2nd (Voorhees 35 pts.)

Jimmy Zignorski Runs 16:44 for 3rd Place

Liam McHale Runs 17:13 for 7th Place

Robby Russo Runs 17:22 for 11th Place

Andy Domasky Runs 17:23 for 12th Place

Trevor Potts Runs 17:28 for 13th Place

Declan McHale Places 5th in Frosh Race (PR 19:30)

Girls Place 4th with 93 (North Hunterdon 27 pts.)

Julia Herraiz Leaads Team in 10th in 20:33

Emma Myer Places 14th in 20:55

Anna Hayden Places 23rd in 21:51

Grace Campbell Places 24th in 21:53

Olivia Acquadro Places 25th in SB 21:58



All-Americans (129): Lauren Bariexca '07 (7x), Emily Carollo '09 (7x), Sarah Cariati '09 (6x), Lara Heigis '07 (6x), Chris Hatler '13 (5x), Sarah Bieganousky '09 (4x), Katie McIntyre '13 (4x), Nicole Sarao '14 (4x), Alexandra Bush '07 (3x), Raul Green '13 (3x), Jon Hilgart '10 (3x), Alanna Hitscherich '14 (3x), Dylan Hurley '11 (3x), Anthony LaMastro '06 (3x), Dina Naphor '14 (3x), Jordan O'Brien '14 (3x), Justin Scheid '04 (3x), Devin Smith '12 (3x), Peter Spinks '13 (3x), Lucas Steele '13 (3x), Amanda Banas '11 (2x), Nick Bertoline '12 (2x), Tara Downing '07 (2x), Marissa Evans '14 (2x), Jenny Heigis '09 (2x), Calleigh Higgins '14 (2x), Lizzie Klein '14 (2x), Jamaal Knight '10 (2x), Anthony Lacey '12 (2x), Patrick Mekongo '13 (2x), Brynn Merritt '06 (2x), Greg Moore '10 (2x), Jon Reilly '13 (2x), Tim Schanstra '14 (2x), Vicky Sheridan '14 (2x), Dan Allen '06, Ryan Beebe '13, Emily Bienko '96, Paige Boehmcke '09, Mike Carhart '04, Bryan Downing '05, Marissa Galante '10, AJ Hanifin '10, Jason Harper '05, Kyle Johnson '09, Christian Lavorgna '11, Caitlyn Lees '08, Kelsey Murphy '07, Katlyn Rymarzow '15, Chris Seabold '04, Erin Smith, Albert Taylor '05, Ashley Taylor '10, John Willemsen '14, Jon Wright '12

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